[members-announce] Happy New Year - update from Roberta Piket

Roberta Piket roberta at robertajazz.com
Wed Feb 3 20:54:19 EST 2010

Dear Friends,


A very belated happy and healthy new year to you! I thought I'd update you
on my recent and near-future musical happenings. It's been a wonderful first
year in the new house in Teaneck.  Billy and I can play all night without
neighbors complaining!  Billy has also put together more drum sets (some
from discarded drums he has found driving around the neighborhood) and I
don't think he will stop until he has one on each floor.  


New Team Member. We have a new team member helping with the "non-musical"
aspects of a musician's life. Kari Hamburger will be assisting me with
bookings and promotion. You may be hearing from Kari with updates about
gigs, performances, etc. She can be reached at kari at robertajazz.com.


New Recording. I was in the studio last week to record several arrangements
of mine (and one of Billy's) for winds, strings and piano trio.  Next comes
mixing, editing, mastering. you know the drill. 


We documented the rehearsal and recording process on video as well so look
for some interesting "behind the scenes" footage from us in the near future.


We haven't yet decided if we are going to release the recording on our own
Thirteenth Note Records label, or if we will look for a very special label
that might be interested in what I believe will be a remarkable project.
Your input and suggestions are welcome. 


European Performances.  Late in February, I will be traveling to Europe to
play with some of my favorite European musicians, Roby Glod
<http://robyglod.com/>  (saxes), Mark Tokar <http://marktokar.info/>  (bass)
and Klaus Kugel <http://klauskugel.com/>  (drums) in France, Luxembourg and
Germany.  If you are receiving this email you probably love great jazz. So
if you are not familiar with these guys do yourself a favor and get to know
their music. They are all great. For more details of my tour, please visit:
http://www.robertajazz.com/itinerary.html .


East Coast Performances.  Roby Glod will be making some extremely rare US
appearances in Baltimore (along with the great Mike Formanek!) and New York
in late March with me. Check out my web site
<http://www.robertajazz.com/itinerary.html>  for details on performances in
your area. 


I'll also be in Connecticut, back at the wonderful Milford Fine Arts
Council, celebrating Women's History month with a phenomenal all-female


West Coast Performances. For the later part of this year, Billy Mintz and I
plan to revive our annual fall trio tour on the West Coast after a two-year
break. Please let me know if you are aware of any venues and/or
opportunities that we should consider. All feedback is welcome and


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my website at www.robertajazz.com.


Thank you again for your support. Have a creative, fulfilling, wonderful


Best Regards,




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