for nico bunick (et al)
for nico bunick (et al)


before the 33 1/3 spinning song --
one of petroleum's finest moments,
there were opening acts:

shrink wrap crackling like blakey's traps
after pee wee marquette's half falsetto,
then the player's names, my basement mantra --
the closest i ever came to cool
this side of san fran:

melba liston, fred katz, carmell jones,
jamil nasser,

and the one i may have whispered more
than christian pals whispered jesus.

tough-tender as a half decent steak.
played with mingus --
could have played with the cleveland browns.

"now swinging his ass off for the delight of too damn few
folks, NICO BUNICK!!!

didn't record much, a friend snipes
upon hearing of his death.

but i am still in love,
and learning from
a distant spring.


reuben jackson

copyright ©

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