santana goes crazy

santana goes crazy


in panama joe's version
of heaven,
"oye como va"
would rumble into the ears
of the lucky few

via a stereo even badder
than the one ron o' neal had
in "superfly".

till then, he had no problem
with the sears and roebuck model
in the basement;

though he sometimes wondered if it
hated playing
the only 45 he owned.

what troubled him were
changes in the band:

bells and squalling saxophones
blanketing the latin rhythms like fog
in '73;

record sales drooping
like a junkie's phallus

"my boys cant survive making
records for oddballs like you!"

he screamed before rushing
from my family's paneled cellar.

an exodus from the scent of vanilla spiritual sky incense,

posters of hendrix, krishna,
and coltrane

to the land of single parents,
black beans and rice.


reuben jackson
2/4/03 ©

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