we insist

we insist

by reuben jackson

copyright © 2003 reuben jackson

we insist: freedom now suite the only scents mother hated more than the cut-rate scotch on father's breath, were the body oils worn by polite, non-drinking neighbors with (as she put it) "tongue twisting names" who invited my brother and i beside the stereo which never slept. not to share risque redd foxx jokes, but the names of ancient kingdoms, arabic names and prophets, (nary a mention of ralph bunche) and jazz which did not coddle or allay america's alabaster fears, the way red devil lye once scalded our nappy hair into submission. like malcolm x bad mouthing the man, she felt it was only a matter of time before we would take on truesdell elementary's fair skinned faculty, and be murdered -- or exiled to a land without integrated lunch counters. reuben jackson 4/28/03

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mark weber February 25, 05

"alabaster fears" ! great great line you nailed that one Reuben, and i'm a white guy!

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