Focus on Recordings
JJA Members' 2004 Top 10 Recordings by Jazz Journalists Association
David S. Ware Takes On The World by Larry Blumenfeld
Schmid and Golia's Birdology by Stuart Broomer
That Old Devil "Duende" by Rahsaan Clark Morris
Inside Out with Michele Rosewoman by Alain Drouot
Ray Brown Walks On by Leslie Gourse
The Complete Miles Davis At Montreux 1973-1991
with 1 reader comment, posted June 24, 2003
by James Hale
Miles Davis, The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions, Columbia/Legacy AC5K 86359 by James Hale
Miles Davis & Gil Evans: The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings
with 4 reader comments, latest October 31, 1997
by James Hale
JJA Members' 2001 Top 10 CDs - Part I by Jazz Journalists Association
JJA Members' 2001 Top 10 CDs - Part II
with 1 reader comment, posted January 18, 2002
by Jazz Journalists Association
A Treasure Trove of ECM: ECM Releases Next Round of :rarum Compilations by John Kelman
Packing Heat with Parker/Guy/Lytton/Crispell: After Appleby by Steve Kulak
Electric Miles
with 3 reader comments, latest January 29, 1998
by Greg Masters
Top Ten Concensus by Greg Masters
Count Basie: America's #1 Band by John McDonough
The Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz: Volume III by William Minor
Ten Really Worth-Listening-To 2001 Albums, For Folks Who Are Interested in Jazz and What it Could Be by Frank J. Oteri
Andrew Rathbun, Sculptures by Virginia Schaefer
Velvet Fusions by Mike Zwerin
"Electric Miles" Live in Montreux - 20 CDs by Mike Zwerin
My Good, Real Music by Mike Zwerin