Steve Dollar

Definitely the most fun of all the free shit they sent me. (I did actually pay for the Masada 2-fer, though, a steal at $15). I’m sure a lot of folks will be yakking up Maria Schnieder and Ravi Coltrane and Geri Allen and that absolutely awful Liberation Music Orchestra reunion (we don’t need a bumper sticker, we need a riot) and whatnot, but as musicianly as those efforts were/are, they really just bored the tears out of me … I’d rather be charmed, shocked, baked a sweet potato pie, slipped a roofie or fucked with in a genuinely sinister fashion than merely impressed. So, in one way or another, that’s what these did:

  • Song X, Ornette Coleman/Pat Metheny (Nonesuch; 20th Anniversary edition)
  • Yo!, Silvana DeLuigi (American Clave)
  • Pentagon, Mat Maneri (Thirsty Ear)
  • Una Nave, Guillermo Klein (Sunnyside)
  • The Beautiful, Triptych Myth (Aum Fidelity)
  • 50 Vol. II , Bar Kokbha Sextet (Tzadik)
  • Nihm, Okkyung Lee (Tzadik)
  • Scratchy Monsters, Laughing Ghosts, Stephen Vitiello and David Tronzo (New Albion)
  • East/West, Bill Frisell (Nonesuch)
  • Momentum, Joshua Redman Elastic Band (Nonesuch)
  • Gold Sounds, James Carter, et al (Brown Brothers)

Steve Dollar
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