2008's Top Recordings

Paul Blair

These aren't my Ten Best, merely ten new releases I've especially enjoyed over the past year:

  1. Tom Beckham, "Rebound" (Apria)
  2. Tobias Gebb & Trio West, "An Upper Westside Story" (Yummy House)
  3. Chuck MacKinnon Mactet, "New Transmission" (Krispytone)
  4. Adam Nussbaum's Nuttree Quartet, "Standards" (Kind of Blue)
  5. Scott Robinson, "Forever Lasting" (Arbors)
  6. Todd Sickafoose, "Tiny Resistors" (Cryptogramophone)
  7. Stein Brothers, "Quixotic" (Jazzed Media)
  8. Gary Versace, "Outside In" (Criss Cross)
  9. Jack Walrath, "Ballroom" (Sunnyside)
  10. Eli Yamin, "You Can't Buy Swing" (self-produced)

I could just as easily name thirty-seven others that have also brought me pleasure and enlightenment. In fact, for the historical record, I'm doing just that:

  1. NYNDK, "Nordic Disruption" (Jazzheads)
  2. Unit 7, "The Wind"s Caress" (DiffRec)
  3. Chris Byars, "Jazz Picures At An Exhibition" (Smalls)
  4. Pete Malinverni, "Invisible Cities" (Reservoir)
  5. Trio Grande, "Un Matin Plein de Promesses" (De Werf)
  6. Scott Amendola et al., "Plays Monk" (Longsongrecords)
  7. Felipe Salles, "South American Suite" (Curare Records)
  8. Virginia Mayhew, "A Simple Thank You" (Renma Recordings)
  9. MEM 3, "Pennsylvania Grey" (MEM3)
  10. David Braid et al., "DMBQ Live" (DMBQ)
  11. Michael Blake, "The World Awakes" (Stunt)
  12. Pete Robbins, "Do The Hate Laugh Shimmy" (Fresh Sound)
  13. John Swana, "Bright Moments" (Criss Cross)
  14. Steve Turre, "Rainbow People" (High Note)
  15. James Carter, "Present Tense" (Emarcy)
  16. Alexis Cuadrado, "Puzzles" (Brooklyn Jazz Underground)
  17. Bill Stewart, "Incandescence" (Pirouet)
  18. David Finck, "Future Day" (Soundbrush)
  19. Anne Mette Iversen "Best of the West / Many Places" (Brooklyn Jazz Underground)
  20. Aquiles Baez, "La Patilla" (Cacao Musica)
  21. Jamie Baum, "Solace" (Sunnyside)
  22. Ben Wolfe, "No Stranger Here" (MaxJazz)
  23. Steve Elmer, "Fire Down Below" (self-produced")
  24. Larry Vuckovich. "High Wall" (Tetrachord Music)
  25. Yaron Herman, "A Time For Everything" (Laborie)
  26. New Jazz Composers Octet, "The Turning Gate" (Motema)
  27. Mike Clark, "Blueprints of Jazz, Vol. I" (Talking House)
  28. Kamikaze Ground Crew, "Postcards From the Highwire" (Busmeat)
  29. Blueprint Project, "People I Like" (Creative Nation)
  30. Paul Carlon, "Roots Propaganda" (Deep Tone)
  31. Marshall Gilkes, "Lost Words" (Alternate Side)
  32. Bill Cantrall, "Axiom" ( Upswing)
  33. Dave Holland, "Pass It On" (Dare 2)
  34. Erik Friedlander, "Broken Arm Trio" (Skiptone)
  35. John Escreet, "Consequences" (Positone)
  36. Bill Moring, "Spaces In Time" (Owl)
  37. Johnny Varro, "Ring Dem Bells" (Arbors)


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