2008's Top Recordings

Ken Franckling

The 10 best new jazz releases, listed alphabetically:

The 10 best new songs of 2008, listed alphabetically:

  • Brian Blade, "Stoner Hill" from "Season of Changes" (Verve)
  • Jon Cowherd, "Return of the Prodigal Son" from Brian Blade Fellowship's "Season of Changes" (Verve)
  • Taylor Eigsti, "Let It Come to You" (Concord Jazz)
  • Tigran Hamasyan, "Leaving Paris" from "New Era" (Plus Loin)
  • Virginia Mayhew, "Toe Tickler" from Duke Ellington Legacy's "Thank You, Uncle Edward" (Renma)
  • Pete Malinverni, "Istanbul" from "Invisible Cities" (Reservoir)
  • Dafnis Prieto, "Until the Last Minute" from "Taking the Soul for a Walk" (Dafnison Music)
  • Marty Sheller, "The Route 40 Flyer" from "Why Deny" (PVR Records)
  • Brooke Sofferman, "Da Bull Stops Here" from "Fine Whines" (Summit)
  • Bobby Watson, "For Milt" from "From the Heart" (Palmetto)

The best jazz boxed set or historic recordings of 2008, listed alphabetically:

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