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Lyn Horton: Dakshina Ensemble
Begins the UMass Magic Triangle Series for 07-08

November 18th 2007

UMass Amherst, MA

Nov. 18, 2007

Crossover music may carry a listener to a destination where one kind of music is embellished by the accoutrements of another. But, how often does it happen that two musics are performed within ethics that define their breadth and similarity? And the exchange goes in both directions?

These questions were answered in a relentlessly musical two hour performance at UMass Amherst of The Dakshina Ensemble, a collaborative effort between Rudresh Mahanthappa, alto saxophonist, and Kadri Kopalnath, Indian classical music figure, also an alto player. This was the first concert for the annual Magic Triangle Series, now in its eighteenth year.

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