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W. Royal Stokes Interviews Guitarist Sheryl Bailey

April 25th 2010

I first met guitarist Sheryl Bailey in 1994 at Twins, a restaurant in Washington, D.C., founded in 1986 by jazz- loving Ethiopian twin sisters Kelly and Maze Tesfaye. This was when the restaurant was still on Colorado Avenue, a block east of 16th Street. A few years later the club moved downtown to a U Street location and has for more than a decade thrived as a major venue, serving Ethiopian and Caribbean cuisine and featuring a wide spectrum of jazz styles. Continue Reading »

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How One Jazz Prodigy Will Surprise You

January 22nd 2009

At first glance St. Louis’ most recent gift to America’s art form pales in stature to what audiences are accustomed to seeing on the bandstand.  But open your mind, eyes and ears (not necessarily in that order).  At twelve years of age, the diminutive frame of Tito Pascoal will, indeed, surprise you.  While he may not have a list of musical accomplishments yet, Tito is equally deserving of the audience’s attention.

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