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One of Google’s favorite photos

October 24th 2010

For Gillespie’s birthday Thursday, October 21, Google’s main page featured a “doodle” that linked to a page of Dizzy links. High on that page were five photos, one linked from, by JJA member Gene Martin, on display here. (Google noted something to the effect that copyrights may apply.) Sadly, we were so overwhelmed by requests for that photo that we had to shut down for the day – the first time we’ve ever been beyond our capacity.

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Freddie Hubbard & Art Blakey — Moanin’

January 1st 2009

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Jazzhouse Keeping

December 28th 2008

New Opportunities on the Site

What with the JJA insisting on giving me a few dollars in 2008 — the first ever, beyond some fees to my hosting provider a decade ago before I became one myself — I’ve spruced and tweaked the site a bit.  What it most needs just now is a flow of new, fresh content. There are several ways JJA members are invited to help:

  • If you have your own site or blog, we’ll now feature your RSS feed on request in the Diary section, and also a link from the Jazz Sites drop-down menu on the front page
  • Any member who’d like posting permission in the Jazzhouse Diaries blog for pertinent posts of any nature except commercial promotion should contact me directly (whit @ this domain) — I’ll set you right up

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