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December 28th 2008

New Opportunities on the Site

What with the JJA insisting on giving me a few dollars in 2008 — the first ever, beyond some fees to my hosting provider a decade ago before I became one myself — I’ve spruced and tweaked the site a bit.  What it most needs just now is a flow of new, fresh content. There are several ways JJA members are invited to help:

  • If you have your own site or blog, we’ll now feature your RSS feed on request in the Diary section, and also a link from the Jazz Sites drop-down menu on the front page
  • Any member who’d like posting permission in the Jazzhouse Diaries blog for pertinent posts of any nature except commercial promotion should contact me directly (whit @ this domain) — I’ll set you right up

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Blumenfeld: Shorter at Carnegie Hall

December 7th 2008

longer shorter (toward eternity)
by Larry Blumenfeld

Wayne Shorter turned 75 in August and decided to celebrate with a Carnegie Hall concert last night. I’d help you blow out the candles, Wayne, but you left me breathless.

On the program were the Imani Winds, a classical quintet of four women (flutist Valerie Coleman, oboe player Toyin Spellman-Diaz, clarinetist Mariam Adam, and bassoonist Monica Ellis) and one man (French horn player Jeff Scott), who performed a brief piece by Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. The quintet followed with “Terra Incognita,” a chamber piece composed by Shorter, originally commissioned by the La Jolla Music Society in 2006. Lively and flecked with phrases and harmonies distinct to Shorter’s oeuvre (was that a snatch of “Water Babies”?), it offered merely hints of things to come.

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