John Szwed

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  2. Atomic.  The Bikini Tapes.  Jazzland
  3. Terje Rypdal.  Vossabrygg.  ECM
  4. Dave Burrell.  Momentum.  High Two
  5. Rudresh Mahanthappa.  Codebook.  Pi 21
  6. Andrew Hill.  Time Lines.  Blue Note
  7. Bobby Matos.  Acknowledgement.  Lifeforcejazz
  8. Ran Blake, All That is Tied.  Tompkins Square
  9. In the Country.  This Was the Place of My Heartbeat.  Rune Grammofone
  10. Rabih Abou-Kahalil, Joachin Kuhn, Jarrod Cagwin.  Journey to the Center of an Egg.  Enja 3324


  1. I Like Be I Like Bop: Odds & Svends of Early Bebop Violin & Contemporary Violin Curiosities.  AB Fable 11/12
  2. Roswell Rudd, Blown Bone.  Emanem
  3. Jon Appleton & Don Cherry.  Human Music. Water 182