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Marcela Breton: Top 10 List

February 9th 2010

1. Orbert Davis: Collective Creativity (3Sixteen)
2. Buika & Chucho Valdes: El Ultimo Trago (WEA International)
3. Paquito Hechavarria: Frankly (Callé 54)
4. Hilton Ruiz: Hilton’s Last Note (Hilton Ruiz Music)
5. Lynne Arriale: Nuance (Motema)
6. Bobby Sanabria: Kenya Revisited Live!!! (Jazzheads)
7. Teddy Charles: Dances With Bulls (Smalls)
8. Sophie Milman: Take Love Easy (Koch)
9. Pedro Giraudo: El Viaje (PGM)
10. Azar Lawrence: Prayer for My Ancestors (Furthermore)


1. Tito Puente: Dance Mania (RCA/Legacy)
2. Gato Barbieri: Viva Emiliano Zapata (Verve)
3. John Coltrane: Side Steps (Prestige)

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Lyn Horton: Making One Last Point

February 6th 2010

During the last two weeks in January of 2010, the jazz media flooded the avant-garde jazz public with descriptions of the persona of Matthew Shipp in anticipation of the release of his “last” solo recording, 4D, scheduled on the 26th of the month. JazzTimes featured a story; Signal to Noise did a cover story; and published a piece, which I wrote. Several blogs, as well as Bulletin Boards, were delving into conversations about Shipp’s profane language, his casting aspersions on his elders, his self-involvement, his arrogance as well as the sheer amount of coverage given to the musician. In this entire hullabaloo, as I remember it, the music was only touched upon.

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