Marcela Breton: Top 10 List

February 9th 2010 05:09 pm

Copyright © 2010 Marcela Breton

1. Orbert Davis: Collective Creativity (3Sixteen)
2. Buika & Chucho Valdes: El Ultimo Trago (WEA International)
3. Paquito Hechavarria: Frankly (Callé 54)
4. Hilton Ruiz: Hilton’s Last Note (Hilton Ruiz Music)
5. Lynne Arriale: Nuance (Motema)
6. Bobby Sanabria: Kenya Revisited Live!!! (Jazzheads)
7. Teddy Charles: Dances With Bulls (Smalls)
8. Sophie Milman: Take Love Easy (Koch)
9. Pedro Giraudo: El Viaje (PGM)
10. Azar Lawrence: Prayer for My Ancestors (Furthermore)


1. Tito Puente: Dance Mania (RCA/Legacy)
2. Gato Barbieri: Viva Emiliano Zapata (Verve)
3. John Coltrane: Side Steps (Prestige)

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